Established in 1953, the iF product design award is today among the most important awards for innovative product design. Those who are successful here receive an award that is worth far more than just a place on your shelf: as an iF product design award winner, you will receive the iF label: an advertising and communication tool that is recognized all over the world. Neoflam in 2012 received the iF product design award which increases its value and effectiveness.

The red dot award: product design

The red dot design award dates back to 1955 and is now one of the world’s largest and most distinguished design competitions. More than 15,000 participations from 70 nations in 2012 alone document the relevance of the internationally sought-after red dot.

In 2012, 1,800 companies and designers from 58 countries registered to the “red dot award: product design” and grabbed their chance to prove their design ability in an international comparison with renowned designers and up-and-coming talents. Within the competition's 19 different categories, a total of 4,515 registrations have been submitted. But only the best were awarded.

With growing competitive pressure on the international markets, it is now more important than ever for manufacturers to set themselves apart from the competition by proving quality rather than simply pursuing an aggressive pricing policy. Designers are also benefiting from the award: they are using the red dot to present themselves to their clients and as a visual aid that emphasises their own strength.

Neoflam to Reddhot also received the award in 2012 desing product in its class.


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